Dorinda Clark-Cole 2012

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Dorinda Clark-Cole has been featured on over 30 Projects including the following:

  • Vickie Winans/ “Be Encouraged”
  • Dr. Mattie Moss Clark/ “Go Tell It”
  • Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark Presents Reunion of SW Michigan State Choir
  • Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark Presents COGIC National Music Choir/ “Live In Atlanta”
  • Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark Presents Tony McGill & Southern California Holy Gospel Feast
  • Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark Presents The Michigan State Mass Choir/ “Watch Ye Therefore”
  • Ron Winans Family & Friends III
  • Lisa Scott/ “Lisa Scott”
  • COGIC Mass Choir/ “He’ll Bring You Out”
  • COGIC Mass Choir/ “Leaning On Jesus”
  • Twinkie Clark Presents Florida A & M University Gospel Choir
  • Greater Grace Temple Mass Choir/ “Grace & Praise”
  • Darius Twyman & Destiny/ “Fulfilling Our Destiny”
  • Pastor James & Kathy Bowman & the Antioch FBH Sanctuary Choir
  • Carlton Pearson/ “Live at Azusa 2: Precious Memories”
  • Alaska Mass Choir/ “Right Now God”
  • TD Jakes/ “Follow The Star”
  • Percy Bady/ “The Percy Bady Experience”
  • Karen Clark Sheard/ “2nd Chance”
  • Missy Elliot/ “So Addictive”
  • Missy Elliot/ “This Is Not A Test”
  • Ramiyah/"Ramiyah"
  • GMWA/ “The Tampa Experience”
  • WOW 2005/ Various Artists
  • WOW 2006/ Various Artists
  • Kirk Franklin/ "Hero"
  • Youthful Praise/ "Resting On His Promises"
  • Karen Clark-Sheard/ "All In One"
  • Donald Lawrence & Co. | "YRM (Your Righteous Mind)"